Polymathian is an applied mathematics company

Company Focus

Focus an entire company on doing just one thing better than anyone else, fill it with people who have an infectious passion for what they do and have extraordinary experience applying operations research in many different areas of society, foster a culture of constant innovation, and your company can help others to change the world.

We are an industrial mathematics company.

Polymathian has experience solving optimization problem in a wide range of industries

Extraordinary Expertise

From routing shipping containers around the world, to scheduling rolling stock in some of the largest coal chains in the world, to designing multi-model mail and parcel delivery networks for national carriers, to rostering train drivers for the two largest rail companies in the Europe, to planning the operations of some of the largest above and below ground mines in the world ... to scheduling sporting competitions.

We have the right people with the right experience.

Polymathian has a fantastic reference list

Customer References

All our customers love us. It can be no other way. As a result almost all of our work comes from word of mouth.

We come highly recommended.

Polymathian offers transparent and very competitive prices

Unmatched and Transparent Pricing

We don't rent expensive offices in the CBD. We don't employ sales officers, marketing managers, marketing assistants, artists, professional bloggers and secretaries. We don't run world tours, host client fairs or pay for press coverage. We don't run overseas development teams and are not beholden to venture capitalists. We are not top heavy with managers with no technical expertise. We don't need to - to be successful.

Every staff member has technical expertise, is involved in the delivery of projects, provides post project customer support and has formal qualifications in applied mathematics. We use a hosted method of delivery which means our business can be more agile and dynamic and provide better service at a lower price.

We provide extremely competitive prices unmatched by those we compete with.