Rail supply chain optimisation software using industrial
mathematics to maximise throughput and asset utilisation.
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Bringing Innovation to Rail Supply Chain Planning

For rail supply chain stakeholders who want to maximise throughput and asset utilisation, RACE is an online decision support tool that uses industrial mathematics to optimise different combinations of inbound rail, terminal stockpiling and outbound vessel operations.

Rail Supply Chain Participants

RACE can be used by a range of participants within complex rail based supply chains.

Simplifying Complex Problems

Learn how our customers are using RACE to improve their rail based supply chain operations.

Cycle Level Precision

Avoid costly assumptions by precisely planning each train down to the cycle level to ensure network constraints are modelled accurately.

Gain the competitive advantage and increase profits today.

Terminal Operations

Simultaneously optimise rail, pad space allocation, terminal stacking, reclaiming and ship loading operations.

Cargo Assembly Operations

Reduce vessel turnaround time by synchronising inbound, stock yard and outbound decision making.

Dedicated Stockpile Operations

Easily identify capacity issues to ensure orders are being railed on time to meet customer demand.


Learn how we can help your operations maximise throughput and asset utilisation today.

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