VOLT Planning
Scenario planning tool based on a unified asset, network and financial model that generates optimal dispatch plans from within-day to strategic, multi-year time horizons.

VOLT Planning Stakeholders

Plant Operators
Produce optimal dispatch plans to support regular short-term planning processes
Energy Traders
Evaluate energy trade volumes and prices and their impact on gross margin and operations
Commercial Teams
Determine the impact of financial and contractual changes on gross margin and operations
Performance Teams
Determine the impact of capital works or re-powering projects on gross margin and operations
Numerical optimisation
VOLT uses exact numerical techniques to ensure mathematically optimal solutions are produced quickly for all scenarios.
Transparent, auditable modelling
Models in VOLT are implemented in auditable, easy-to-understand formulas and file formats. Users can customize and update models as financial terms or asset performance changes over time.
Powerful scenario planning
Scenarios are based on a common model that acts as a single source of truth. This can be copied and modified to create novel scenarios ranging from daily dispatch at 5-minute intervals to yearly forecasts at daily resolution.

VOLT Case Studies

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