Energy & Utility Dispatch Software
Digital twins to minimise operating costs and maximise revenue in real time with Industrial Mathematics.
Increase margin by 15%
Simultaneously reduce operating costs and increase revenue
Real time reaction
React to power prices, fuel costs and demands
Site-wide optimisation
Optimise across all assets and demands simultaneously
Flexible objectives
Precisely control how revenues, costs and carbon are prioritised

Bringing Innovation to Energy Value Chains

VOLT helps energy and utility operators optimise asset dispatch, network operations and portfolios. It is a data-driven, digital process twin that captures complex operational and commercial decisions to maximise revenue and minimise operating costs using industrial mathematics.


VOLT Modules

VOLT can optimise operations automatically in real time or through bespoke scenario analysis.
Modules can be licensed individually or in combination to provide a holistic planning platform.

VOLT Planning Ecosystem
The VOLT platform can provide a holistic planning solution for multiple business units within an organisation. It provides a single source of truth to effectively manage operations, no matter how complex.






Learn how we can help increase your gross margin using Industrial Mathematics