Real-time optimisation platform based on a unified asset, network, and financial model with data feed integration from fixed plant and financial markets.

VOLT Live Stakeholders

Plant Operators
Operate assets and networks optimally to maximise gross margin at all times
Energy Traders
Continuously identify trading opportunities to increase gross margin in real time
Commercial Teams
Identify how revenues, costs, and contracts impact operations in real time
Performance Teams
Identify the financial impact of asset performance changes in real time
Live Data Feeds
Fixed plant and financial market data feeds can be integrated to ensure the optimal decisions can be made at all times.
Continuous numerical optimisation
Eliminate the need to generate and defend static plans. VOLT Live continuously calculates the mathematically optimal plant configuration to maximise gross margin.
Customisable dashboards and notifications
VOLT Live dashboards can be configured to display relevant asset, network and financial information. In addition, receive notifications when significant physical or financial events occur.
Flexible API
Integrate VOLT Live into existing operations by pushing data to a simple API. Furthermore, data-rich results can be retrieved in real-time for custom reporting.

VOLT Case Studies

    Learn how we can help increase your gross margin using Industrial Mathematics