Industry leading mine optimisation tool for strategic planning
Optimal mine plans
ORB utilises Industrial Mathematics to generate optimal mine plans which consider a wide range of input parameters such as:
  • Development and production tasks and their dependencies
  • Operational and geological constraints
  • Equipment availability and cycle timings
  • Ore grade and attributes
  • CAPEX, OPEX, contracts and revenue targets
Powerful scenario planning
Easily generate scenarios to understand how your mine plans are affected by operating variances in development and production tasks to determine economic outcomes.
Flexible Integration
ORB can readily integrate with the major mine design packages to produce optimal mine plans at the push of a button.

Powering Mine Planning Decisions

Long Term Planning Decisions (Monthly / Yearly)
  • How can construction, development and production tasks be allocated such that optimal overall mine progress is made?​
  • How can I minimise development duration, to bring forward production ramp up?​
  • When should an existing plan be discarded (instead of defended) based on recorded actuals?​
  • How many work areas should be concurrently operated given resource availability and possible interactions?​
  • How can I sustain my draw bell firing rate and/or development heading progression, given interactions on the level and resource availability?
Strategic Planning Decisions (Yearly / Decades)
  • How should tasks in a stoping mine be scheduled to maximise net present value, considering development, production, task dependencies, resource consumption, and system constraints such as ventilation zones and tonnage capacity.​
  • How should development activities be sequenced to support optimal stope sequence?​
  • How can value be brought forward in a sub level cave by considering when and how much to draw from each ring?​
  • How many concurrent levels should be mined in a sub level cave?​
  • How many tonnes should be drawn from each draw bell per month in order to bring forward value while adhering to geotechnical constraints in a block cave?​
  • What sequence should blocks be mined in a surface operation, considering dependency constraints and large capital decisions?​

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