Software to simulate and optimise inventory and spares management policies

Powerful decision support

GEAR Spares combines simulation and optimisation to analyse procurement and stocking policies of key spares.

Model complex policies

Assess how policies have an impact on downtime, throughput and lost opportunities.

These include:

  • Procurement lead times
  • Part substitutability
  • Minimum stock levels
  • Target stock levels

Powering Spares Management Decisions

Use Cases
  • Given historical failure rates, how does the current inventory management policy play out over time? (outages, procurement frequency, lead times, production impact)
  • What is the relationship between capital allocation for insurance stock levels and system impact? ​
  • Where can extra budget be allocated optimally? i.e. What are the optimum stock levels of spares for a given budget to maximise asset productivity?

Learn how GEAR can transform your maintenance planning today.