Optimise fixed plant shutdown schedules at the push of a button

Trade-off System Objectives

GEAR can be configured to evaluate the maintenance policies of an operation with competing objectives.

Calendar Level Scheduling

Optimise a system-wide shutdown calendar for many interacting assets to maximise throughput, minimise workforce peaks and smooth workforce utilisation.

Consider complex rules and constraints such as:

  • Shuts moving together
  • Minimum and maximum separation rules
  • Changes to shutdown drumbeats
  • Accommodation availability
  • Labour availability
Task level scheduling

Determine the optimal set of activities to complete within each shutdown across many interacting assets to minimise task conflicts, maximise throughput and manage workforce requirements.

Consider complex rules and constraints such as:

  • Work zone interactions
  • Task interactions
  • Inter-site interactions
  • Accommodation availability
  • Labour availability

Powering Shutdown Planning Decisions

Use Cases
  • How can so called ‘bow waves’ of uncompleted maintenance tasks be avoided?
  • What are the headcounts needed to complete the current work schedule in each shut down and can we avoid peaks here that are hard to resource? ​
  • Where are the hot spots for labour demand over the next 1-2 years?
  • How can I avoid system shocks in which overlapping shutdowns interact with each other?
  • What shut down strategies are best? Fewer longer shuts or many smaller shuts?
  • What is the impact on the shutdown calendar to stockpile levels?

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