Sports Fixture Scheduling Optimisation

When scheduling fixtures in sporting competitions there can often be many complicating factors including:

  • Revenue implications for fixtures between specific pairs of teams
  • Fixture scheduling constraints based on last years end of season table positions
  • Venue availability constraints which invalidate the applicability of the standard template based approach
  • Venue availability constraints which mean multiple competitions need to be scheduled simultaneously
  • The need to schedule multiple competitions simultaneously to help align fixtures from multiple teams in different grades from the same club
  • Complications from scheduling multiple competitions at the same time with different formats
  • Requests for specific fixtures in specific rounds
  • Many forms of home away distribution constraints for different phases of the draw
  • The need to reschedule when teams transition between grades part way through the season
  • Minimum fixture count venue opening constraints
  • Conference related constraints
  • … the list goes on

We have designed and built optimisation tools and offer bureau modelling services to solve challenging sports fixture scheduling optimisation problems.

Fixture Scheduling
Fixture Scheduling