For primary producers who contract rail haulage providers, track owners and terminal operators to transport bulk commodities
Model operating paradigms
Evaluate haulage provider, fleet and terminal contract mix changes
Infrastructure improvements
Measure throughput impacts of infrastructure investment
Portfolio assessment
Assess the impact of different contract portfolios on yield and system throughput
Complex networks
Model large, complex, multi-stakeholder rail-based value chains
Logistics Management
Examine the impacts on total logistics costs of:
  • Ordering profiles
  • Different mixes of rail haulage provider contracts
  • Dedicated fleets
  • Terminal volume splits
  • Production tonnage changes
  • Load point capability upgrades

Powering Rail Decisions

Input Data Third Party Input Data Optimised Decision Output Data
Planning Considerations Haulage Providers Track Owners Coordinators Integrated Producers Terminal Operators Primary Producers
Ordering vessels for cargo assembly terminals
Ordering to dedicated stockpile terminals
Product availability at load points
Fulfilment profile for orders
Load Point
Loop capacity
Load and recharge durations
Loading activities
Fleet composition
Fleet availability
Fleet dedication
Fixed Maintenance
Load point
Dump station
Available pathing
Ship loader
Rail consist
Flexible Maintenance
Rail consist
Floating track
Rail Scheduling
Detailed journeys for rail consists
Assignment of cycles to rail consists
Train Crew
Route knowledge
Depot locations
Barracks locations
Sign on patterns
Barracks crew utilisation
Terminal Scheduling
Dump slot timings
Dumping and stacking activities
Assignment of cargos to pads
Reclaiming and ship loading activities
Ship berthing sequence
Cargo build windows

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