Mining supply chain
optimisation with Gurobi

In a joint case study with Gurobi, read how RACE has enabled multiple rail based supply chains to improve resource utilisation, throughput, and profitability.

RACE’s customer base includes companies operating across the mining value chain, including primary producers, rail haulage providers, terminal operators, rail track owners, mining conglomerates and coordinating bodies.

Find out how RACE has:

  • increased efficiencies by 10-30% (i.e. asset utilisation and throughput)

  • dramatically reduced planning cycle times (from days and hours to a few minutes or seconds)

  • improved levels of customer service and satisfaction

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Product Used

For rail supply chain stakeholders who want to maximise throughput and asset utilisation, RACE is an online decision support tool that uses industrial mathematics to optimise different combinations of inbound rail, terminal stockpiling and outbound vessel operations.

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