For train operators providing haulage services to primary producers
Maximise yield
Maximise throughput whilst prioritising high yield contracts
Maximise fleet utilisation
Make the most efficient use of available rail units in all fleets
Crew considerations
Generate plans accounting for complex crew related constraints
Contract evaluation
Assess the impact of contract portfolios on fleet utilisation
Flexible Scenario Planning
Rapidly run scenarios to examine the impact of:
  • Dedicating Fleets
  • Supply Chain Maintenance Conditions
  • Alternate Operating Regimes
  • Different Demand Mixes
  • Alternate consist maintenance strategies on fleet efficiency
Cycle Level Scheduling
Plan and schedule the detailed operations of rail haulage assets to most efficiently meet demand from multiple customers within a multi-user track network
Maximise Fleet Utilisation
Determine the long-term fleet mix and composition required to best meet customer contractual commitments

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