For independent entities that coordinate the combined operations of all rail participants in a common supply chain
Complex networks
Model large, complex, multi-stakeholder rail-based value chains
Maximise system throughput
Simultaneously optimise inbound and outbound operations
Global optimisation
Simultaneously minimise demurrage, maximise throughput and above rail efficiency
Operating paradigms
Model dedicated stockpile and/or cargo assembly terminal operations
Inbound / Outbound Scheduling
Simultaneously schedule inbound (load point to terminal stockpile) and outbound (terminal stockpile to vessel) operations for bulk haulage rail networks comprising multiple producers, multiple rail haulage providers and multiple terminal operators to maximise system throughput and minimise total logistics costs
Manage Maintenance Profiles
Evaluate the impacts of different maintenance profiles (load point, rail unit, track, dump station, stacker, reclaimer, ship loader) on system throughput for given demand conditions
Rapid Scenario Testing
Examine the impacts on system throughput of:
  • Fleet Mix Changes
  • Fleet Dedication
  • Terminal Demand Changes
  • Terminal Operating Guidelines
  • Load Point Upgrades
  • Track Network Upgrades
  • Terminal Upgrades

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