Allocates rostered on drivers from multiple depots to train services
Maximise crew utilisation
Optimally use the fewest qualified rail crew to cover rail services while obeying roster and shift construction rules.
  • Use only approved relief locations
  • Maximise shift footplate time
  • Minimise car travel
  • Minimise Overtime and Lift Up / Lay Back
Flexible Scenario Planning
Rapidly run scenarios to assess:
  • Crew deployment method impacts on crew efficiency
  • Depot sizing impacts on crew efficiency
  • Crew qualification mix impacts on crew efficiency
  • Lift up and lay back impacts on crew efficiency
  • Shift construction rules from EBA negotiations on crew efficiency
Model Large and Complex Networks
RACE can model large and complex networks which can include multiple load points and terminals (stockpile or cargo assembly operations), different access controlled track networks, with many haulage providers operating multiple rail fleets with different contracting arrangements.
Automatically produce optimal crew plans
Simultaneously solve for both driver to shift type assignment (single or two driver operations) and driver to rail service allocation (which drivers drive which part of each rail service).

Learn how we can help you optimally allocate drivers to train services.