Short term mine scheduling and operations tool
Optimality Guarantee
State of the art numerical optimisation based operational solutions
Integrated Planning
Plan and schedule equipment operationally to defend strategic objectives
Dynamic re-planning
Ability to adjust to dynamic changes in the mine for re-planning
Generate consistent plans faster with data automation and Industrial Mathematics

Flexible Implementation

ORB can be configured to match the planning capacity of an operation with flexible implementation strategies.

One-touch Scheduling
Easily generate optimal shift schedules at the press of a button to optimise the equipment utilisation for development and production tasks.
Data Driven Solutions
Easy to use data driven interfaces to generate optimal scheduling solutions. ORB ensures that the data is validated and checked to prevent any errors.

Powering Short Term Planning Decisions

Operational Decisions (Mid-shift / Daily)
  • How can I ensure all assigned work areas and tramming routes are non conflicting?​
  • How can I manage use of stockpiles, crushers, and ore passes?​
  • How can I ensure equipment operate within ventilation constraints?​
  • What haulage routes should trucks take, identifying opportunities for back haul where possible?​
  • When should maintenance be scheduled?​
  • Which equipment should be manned, given operator availability and training?​
  • How can I work around resource downtime (maintenance, re-hab)?

Learn how ORB can transform your mining operations today.