World's most advanced Short Interval Control system for underground mining
Optimality Guarantee
State of the art numerical optimisation based real-time solutions
Always On
Operate 24 / 7 and rest assured that your operations are always optimised
Short Interval Control
Use of short interval control to constantly adjust to dynamic changes
Intelligent Mining
Solutions are produced autonomously, no manual intervention required

The world’s most advanced Short Interval Control system

Maximise hard-rock underground mining efficiencies with a real-time system that never sleeps. ORB autonomously re-evaluates the cave state to optimally dispatch equipment with Industrial Mathematics.

Continuous Optimisation
Eliminate the need to generate and defend against daily plans. ORB will dynamically adjust dispatch decisions that align with your long term strategic goals.
Fleet Management System
Manage your operations with ORB’s fully integrated fleet management system to synchronise equipment, personnel and control room decisions in one simple platform. ORB automatically dispatches tasks directly to equipment operators via in-cab tablets with no manual intervention required. Create customisable workflows for equipment activities which facilitates on-rails data capture and task dispatch.
Live Dashboard
Keep a birds-eye view of your mine with ORB’s interactive map-based control dashboard, giving you live access to the current cave state. Drill down to equipment level detail, to ensure operations are running smoothly.
24/7 Tracking
ORB is continuously tracking material and metrics at all stages of your mining operations. Track key points of interest such as ore passes and stockpiles to inform better planning decisions.

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