Planning Module
Produce optimal supply chain plans across all time horizons to maximise margins and target commercial objectives
Holistic planning
BOLT can be applied to a wide range of commodities, supply chains and planning problems
Data driven
Easily collaborate and configure system data, constraints, rules and attributes with BOLT
Global optimisation
Optimise across the entire breadth of the supply chain to maximise commercial priorities
Automate planning
Significantly reduce the planning effort to minutes by automating the process

Flexible Planning

BOLT facilitates planning at resolutions that span from long term to half hourly time horizons for the entire supply chain. It can be configured to match the way your planning teams operate in order to minimise change.

Operational Tactical Strategic
Description Align with tactical or strategic objectives to manage production, processing, stockpiles, product to vessel allocations, down to the individual train and vessel level Align with strategic objectives to manage production, processing, stockpiles, product to vessel allocations and vessel timing Understand how CAPEX, OPEX and marketing decisions impact system performance and profitability
Planning Horizon 1 week – 3 months 1 month - 2 years 6 months - 50+ years
Time Resolution ½ hourly / shiftly / daily daily / weekly monthly / quarterly / yearly
Scenario Planning
Use BOLT to analyse how decisions spanning production to marketing can impact total system throughput and profitability. Save time and effort to generate scenarios and easily share them with your team.
Production Planning
Maximise margins by efficiently managing operational activities while considering commodity attributes and production rates.
Processing and Blending
Ensure set points and operating modes for processing facilities are optimally configured to maximise revenue potential. Scenario plan various processing and blending strategies to meet demand.
Stockpile Management
Make intelligent stockpiling decisions to reduce material re-handling and maintain stock to safeguard against commercial risks. Test and scenario plan various stocking strategies to assist with processing, blending and marketing decisions.
Manage Complex Logistics
Model complex logistic networks that include multi-modal transport methods down to a shiftly level. BOLT is capable of:
  • blending and preparing cargos to be loaded onto transport to meet marketing demand.
  • scheduling rail cargoes to be allocated to individual vessel contracts
  • planning trucking tonnages across routes for shared fleets whilst taking into account truck counts, loading capacity, travel time and route capacity
Vessel Planning
Optimise production and order vessel LAYCANs to maximise commercial objectives of the system. Better sequence vessel loading queues to maximise margins for bonus and penalties whilst minimising demurrage costs.
Contracts and Marketing Planning
Forecast long term sales and develop product portfolios to maximise revenue while accounting for contracted demand. Model complex costs, bonus and penalty structures and contracts to align with production targets.

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