Unlock operational insights by tracking and reconciling material movements across the supply chain
Commodity Agnostic
BOLT can be applied to a wide range of commodities, supply chains and planning problems
Data driven
Easily collect, collaborate and share data across teams with our secure platform
Configure the module with custom reporting tailored to suit your needs
Automate planning
Significantly reduce the planning effort to minutes by automating the process

Holistic Planning Solution

Integrate with the complete BOLT planning suite of modules to track actuals against planned. Use the Live module to seamlessly generate opening stocks for scenarios across all time horizons.

How it works

1. Track
Record material movements and tonnage from each step of the supply chain. Gain access to years worth of data in a centralised and secure data store to keep mission critical operations running smoothly.
2. Analyse and Validate
Gain valuable insights with the ability to contextualise your data in customised reports and views. Validate assumptions with the ability to compare actuals vs planned to inform future operational decisions.
3. Reconcile
Snapshot current stock levels across the system to easily compare historical events with actuals and planned forecasts. When stock positions need to be updated, easily reconcile events with the click of a button.
4. Scenario plan
Generate opening stock positions for the BOLT planning modules to improve scenario accuracy and reduce scenario generation time.

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