Optimisation software to manage complex multi-modal logistic supply chains with bulk commodities

Logistics Supply Chain

BOLT is able to ensure that your assets are being utilised efficiently across your network.


Understand how infrastructure and facilities can have an impact on maximising efficiency within your supply chain to meet total system capacity.

BOLT Considers:

  • Facility performance
  • Facility sizing and operating modes
  • CAPEX financing
  • Throughput constraints and capacity analysis

BOLT ensures that material is moved efficiently across networks as well as assist in any infrastructure planning considerations.

BOLT Considers:

  • Blending into single cargoes
  • Trains scheduling
  • Multi-modal logistics (trucks, trains, conveyor, etc)
  • Material selection and loading times
  • TLO capacity
  • Route capacity
  • Fleet allocation & sizing

Ensuring that all contractual obligations are met whilst operating in the most efficient manner is complex. BOLT develops plans that meet these marketing demands whilst considering surplus and uncommitted resources.

BOLT Considers:

  • Contract selection
  • Uncommitted sales / demand modelling
  • Bonus / penalties​

Learn how to optimise complex logistical supply chains with Industrial Mathematics