Transforming mining operations with Industrial Mathematics


We recently sat down with Carly Leonidas from The Intelligent Miner to talk through how industrial mathematics is transforming mining operations.

We discuss the kinds of complex problems mathematics excels at solving; the different methodologies that can be applied such as digital twins, machine learning, statistical analysis, and simulation; and how the mining industry should prepare workforces for operational change.

In our interview, Carly notes the industry is ripe for change and under increasing pressure for greater transparency throughout all levels of the mining process. She delves further into how mathematics represents an exciting opportunity that will play an important role in the future of the mining industry. “The potential for the mining industry is a future where the majority of planning and operational decisions are automated or based on decision-support tools that use all of the information available at the time to make the best possible decisions.”

Carly is a UK-based technical writer and editor with over a decade of experience working across the mining and metals, resources and engineering sectors. She established online publication "The Intelligent Miner" in 2019 after many years as Editor of Mining Magazine to explore the latest concepts in mining.

Read the full article here.


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