Polymathian puts the power of the world’s fastest cloud computing at your fingertips


Polymathian customers can now harness the power of the world's fastest cloud computing resources by accessing Premium Solve capabilities.

Premium Solve brings two benefits to our customers:

  • The ability to run unlimited scenarios in parallel, all using dedicated hardware in the cloud.
  • Access truly remarkable hardware on demand: the ability to "spin up and spin down" the fastest compute resources available over the public internet to run scenarios

Users who frequently run multiple complex scenarios in a time-critical environment or users who are ready to expand their planning capabilities will benefit from the increased speed and capacity that the Premium Solve service provides.

Solve complex scenarios more quickly.

For some scenarios, user can expect to see speed improvements of up to 50%

Solve multiple scenarios simultaneously.

Achieve more by running multiple complex scenarios simultaneously

A current Polymathian customer who uses RACE Planning to maximise throughput across their extensive rail network leverages Premium Solve to run multiple scenarios simultaneously. In any given week, their network supports many hundreds of services operated by four different haulage providers using nine separate fleets servicing ten different terminals to service demand that changes dynamically based on production schedules, contractual requirements and customer requests. Planning complexity also considers system constraints such as network access, network maintenance, loading point and terminal infrastructure outages, rolling stock maintenance, crew scheduling and daily roster constraints.

Running multiple scenarios simultaneously allows the customer to exhaustively consider commercial outcomes to arrive at the best possible schedule within their time-critical planning environment.

Before using RACE Planning and Premium Solve, when the schedule was produced manually, the customer did not have the luxury of running business optimisation scenarios that would allow them to maximise the profitability of their network.

The time saved and insights gained provide them with the additional business intelligence needed to ensure their value chain moves the maximum number of tonnes possible every week, benefiting every stakeholder.

Not sure how your company could use or benefit from Premium Solve capabilities? Book a consultation with a RACE analyst to learn more.


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