Polymathian named finalist in 2019 Queensland Export Awards – Technology and Innovation.


Polymathian is thrilled to be recognised as one of four finalists in the Technology and Innovation category in our debut nomination for the 2019 Premier of Queensland Export Awards.

As a young Queensland-based organisation working with global tier 1 customers in Industry, Polymathian’s success is based on our inhouse purpose-built mathematical platform that powers our suite of tools and solutions, Tropofy.

Polymathian actively invests in Tropofy to ensure it is constantly evolving and growing to meet the needs of a diverse customer base and to stay abreast of the latest cloud technologies. Our teams constantly work to deliver product enhancements, support and value for clients. As innovative techniques are pioneered for one customer or project, these same upgrades are shared across our entire customer base.

Polymathian Director, Jonathon White said “Tropofy is the powerful engine under the hood of all our product solutions and is built using award winning mathematical engines to ensure we are able to deliver cutting edge technology and the most responsive user experience possible.”

Since 2014, Polymathian has developed 6 flagship products specialised for multiple industries. We deliver maximum value where business decisions are attached to significant monetary value and are too large or complex to confidently solve manually.

For more information - http://statements.qld.gov.au/Statement/2019/9/9/finalists-announced-in-premier-of-queenslands-export-awards-2019


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