Supply Chain Logistics

Increase Margin by 20%

Proven track record of success by increasing margin by up to 20%.


Maximise network throughput across your intermodal network.


Handle complex multi-nodal distribution networks with ease.

Perfect Order

Improve the percentage of perfect orders in your logistics supply chain.

We Cover

Routing and Scheduling

Optimisation tools and a range of mathematical models for solving some of the most complicated vehicle routing problems found in industry.

Berthing & Loading

Tools to optimise the berthing and loading operations for various bulk ports around Australia.

Vehicle & Crew Scheduling

Optimisation tools for the simultaneous vehicle and crew scheduling problem for a range of domains.

Equipment Scheduling

Solve complex strategic equipment pooling and scheduling problems.

Car Distribution

Vehicle routing problems for finished car distribution, for commercial and domestic gas distribution and pathology specimen pickup.

Bulk Commodities

Optimised entire bulk commodity supply chains to achieve optimum blend for contracts with complicated bonus and penalty terms

Facility Planning

Optimised the location of processing facilities for bulk raw materials given nearby facilities and transportation costs

Shipping Networks

Optimised the flow of shipping containers through international shipping networks

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