Advanced Metaheuristics


Metaheuristics is a term given to a general class of algorithm used to find solutions to optimisation problems when exact techniques prove inadequate.

There are many different metaheuristic algorithms: simulated annealing, tabu search, variable neighbourhood search, guided local search, ant colony optimisation, particle swarm optimisation, genetic algorithms, and many many more.

We are leaders in the application of advanced metaheuristic algorithms to industrial business problems.

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Simulation, particularly discrete event simulation, is often used to help diagnose issues in complex business operations.

It is important to understand the difference between simulation and optimisation, and to know which approach is appropriate or if some combination of both will yield the best results.

We are experts in combining optimisation and simulation.

Simulation vs Optimisation

  • Simulation evaluates the impact of a set of decisions you make i.e. a single scenario
  • Simulation models can include enormous amounts of detail
  • Simulation models can be used to manually explore the solution space (which may be prohibitively large)
  • Optimisation intelligently evaluates all possible scenarios and returns the optimal one i.e. tells you the best decisions that can be made
  • Optimisation models can only include a limited amount of detail before they become intractable
  • Optimisation models be used to simulate operating scenarios by the inclusion of a range of extra constraints

Advanced data analytics


Enterprise or business analytics is the term used to describe the process of developing new insights and understanding of business performance through the detailed analysis of data (sometimes in extraordinarily large amounts), often using advanced statistical methods.

We have years of experience building statistical and predictive models from the analysis of enormous data sets for a range of industries.

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