Bespoke Hosted Software Development using the Tropofy Platform

The Polymathian team are the same team behind the Tropofy platform. Tropofy is a toolkit for building hosted web applications and is used by over 500 problem solvers around the world.

We deploy our cloud based Tropofy business applications using Amazon Web Services. This affords us industry leading security, reliability, redundancy and scalability. We have also deployed a range Tropofy business applications on customers internal networks.

Using the Tropofy platform we have deployed optimisation tools which:

  • Span the planning spectrum from real time continuously running optimisation, to optimisation of operations for the coming days, weeks and months, to optimising annual operating and life of operations plans
  • Include specialised workflows for different teams of people who contribute different pieces of the data puzzle to enable operational optimisation problems to be solved
  • Include modules that enable staff who implement the solutions generated to provide feedback to the central planning function
  • Include custom web pages for publishing a summary of the current plan for operations
  • Are deployed on internal networks and run optimisation in real time taking real time data feeds from a range of sources to continually optimise operations.
  • Enable easy collaboration between teams working on different sites.
  • Are deployed inside customers virtual private clouds for situations where data secrecy regulations mandate internal deployment.

Below are some very simple examples of online applications that can be built using the Tropofy platform. The industrial applications we build using the Tropofy platform have the same look and feel as those shown below

One Dimension Stock Cutting Optimiser

This demonstration app solves the problem of cutting stock lengths to satisfy varied customer orders minimising waste i.e. cutting steel beams.

Travelling Salesman Solver

This demonstration app finds the shortest path connecting a given set of locations such that all locations are visited once.

Facility Location Optimiser

This demonstration app solves the problem of deciding which facilities to commission to serve a geographically dispersed demand minimising a combination of transport and capital costs.

Production Scheduling Optimiser

The demonstration app solves a production scheduling problem to determine an assembly sequence to ensure the capacity for any station for any subset of the items being assembled is not exceeded