Maritime optimisation software to increase throughput, minimise
demurrage, reduce pilot fatigue and maximise efficiency.
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Bringing Innovation to Maritime Operations Planning

For maritime operators who want to maximise efficiency and reduce risk, SOLO is an online optimisation decision support toolkit that uses industrial mathematics to increase throughput, minimise demurrage, reduce pilot fatigue and assess network capacity.

Maritime Operations

SOLO can be used to optimise different parts of the maritime supply chain.

Vessel Scheduling

Port Operations

Pilot Scheduling

Capacity Analysis

Simplifying Complex Problems

Learn how our customers are using SOLO to improve their maritime operations.


Port movements
scheduled weekly


Port operations
planned weekly

500+ MT

Material scheduled annually


Average solve time

Manage Vessel Demurrage

Minimise demurrage and identify inefficiencies in port operations with detailed modelling of vessel berthing, loading and unloading processes.

Minimise Pilot Fatigue

Optimally assign tasks to marine pilots to equitably distribute and minimise overall fatigue for safer operations.

Port Operations

Optimise the movements of vessel fleets holistically to minimise queuing and manage inventories, while adhering to load and discharge requirements.

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