World's most advanced Short Interval Control system for underground mining
Optimality Guarantee
State of the art numerical optimisation based real-time solutions
Always On
Operate 24 / 7 and rest assured that your operations are always optimised
Short Interval Control
Use of short interval control to constantly adjust to dynamic changes
Intelligent Mine
Solutions are produced autonomously, no manual intervention required

Unlock New Planning Potential

Test new mining strategies with the confidence that ORB will execute in real-time to optimality.


Continuous Optimisation

Eliminate the need to generate and defend against daily plans. ORB will dynamically adjust dispatch decisions that align with your long term strategic goals.

Learn how ORB can transform your mining operations today.

Control View

Automatically manage and dispatch equipment to minimise congestion and maximise tonnes to surface. ORB continually ensures compliance towards your draw strategy.


Operator View

An in-cab interface automatically communicates ORB's optimal dispatch decisions to underground operators. It also allows operators to provide live status updates that feed back into the system.