Polymathians typical project duration is two months, a velocity that our competitors cannot even dream of

Project Velocity

We have built and maintain a hosted delivery platform used by hundreds of people all around the world, Tropofy, that allows us to customise hosted GUIs and plugin optimisation engines with amazing velocity. We can deploy new highly customised, multi-user, role specific, auto scaling hosted applications on the Amazon cloud in a matter of days.

It is critically important to have a boots on the ground understanding of the business problem being solved, the team members we deploy to site are responsible for understanding, researching, developing and supporting the optimisation tools we build. This melding of consulting and development capability is key to minimising a projects elapsed duration, and ensuring a rapid return on investment.

We can complete projects within time frames that our competitors could not even dream of.

We deploy our bespoke tools in the could.

Hosted Delivery

Hosted delivery means: lower and cap-ex free upfront costs; lower ongoing maintenance costs; auto-scalability; better resiliency and redundancy; faster and more agile deployment; naturally flexible accessibility; all with industry leading data security.

We can deliver better service at a lower price as we use the latest deployment technology.

We tailor our bespoke tools to the business problem at hand and focus on providing a fantastic user experience.

Fantastic User Experience

If optimisation technology is not usable it is not used. It needs to run fast, provide high quality usable solutions, be uncomplicated, be customised to the specific job at hand and be extremely easy to use.

We don't re-sell one monolithic application which has grown organically over many years, requires week long expensive training courses before you can begin, and is practically a tool for our own consultants who are parachuted in (at exorbitant rates) when your team finds the tool hard to use.

We build bespoke, fast and easy to use optimisation tools, customised to the business problem at hand.

We offer industry leading post project support

Amazing Support

We don't bump support calls to a team of junior or overseas staff where you know more about the tool than they do.

The team members who support the tools we build are the ones who built them. You will meet them, come to know them, and together customise the optimisation tools the project needs. If you need any post project support, you will know who you are talking to, and know they are the experts.

We provide industry leading post project client support.