We're always on the lookout for talented people to join our team...

Polymathian in Japan, 2016

Small teams, huge projects

We offer the opportunity to play a key role in projects for some of the largest companies in Australia and around the world.

Be more than a code monkey, we believe in small, project-dedicated teams where every member directly affects the end product.

At Polymathian you'll have opportunities to play a crucial role in developing software which will be vital in making what could be multi million dollar decisions for our clients.

More than a desk job

We don't employ sales officers, marketing managers, marketing assistants, artists, professional bloggers and secretaries. We don't run overseas development teams and aren't top heavy with managers with no technical expertise.

You'll work in an environment where everyone understands what you're doing; we're all coders here. Meet people in industry, around Australia and all over the world, talking about your work selling the code you wrote.

We want people who can be amazing coders and amazing business reps, all in the same day.

Better yourself

Be part of a team who fosters innovation, encourages education and loves what they do.

Everyone at Polymathian either have extensive qualifications or are currently studying toward them. We're always pushing the boundaries.

We all have an infectious passion for what we do and we apply that to our work every day. If that level of passion and dedication to quality work sounds like you, we want to meet you.

Where do I sign?

How about we start with a coffee.

Send us an email, tell us a bit about yourself and what you've done. We look for people who can show they love to code, be it from their studies, professional experience or hobby projects.

If you want to impress us, include a link to something you've made, a Github account or a project you're a part of.

If you really want to impress us, make a Tropofy app. Tropofy is a Python framework we've developed to create web apps. Contact us to request a free developer key.

Take a look at our current openings, or get in touch at info@polymathian.com


What's your tech stack?

Our stack is modern and constantly changing as new employees bring new ideas. We are strong believers in the power of open source software and make heavy use of some large projects while also using some proprietary, licenced software where we can see the value in stability and support.

Our frontend is all about ease of use and user experience. To this end we leverage the power of JQuery, Lodash & more to power a template driven engine which generates apps on the client side using Bootstrap & KnockoutJS. For data visualisation we make use of Google Charts, Plot.ly and D3.

Our backend is all about rapid development and stability for our clients. To achieve this we develop all our apps in Python using top-shelf libraries like SQLAlchemy, Pandas, Flask & more. For the meat of our company, the mathematical engines, we choose C++ and industry-leading solvers like CPLEX and Gurobi.

Our servers and service-delivery must be powerful and reliable. We host most of our projects on an auto-scaling AWS setup with full redundancy and failover. For clients who have more strict data storage restrictions, we can deploy our stack on their servers while not losing our ability to have one-click releases thanks to a combo of Jenkins, SaltStack & Docker.

I'm a student / graduate, are you interested in me?

Definitely, if you can work at least two full consistent days a week we'd love to meet you and talk about your skills and your availability. Several of our employees are full time students who work with us around their University obligations.

If you're a graduate we'd also love to meet you. We're not going to shoot down any passionate and skilled applicant just because they don't have n years' experience. If you can show to us that you're keen to gain that experience with us and have a genuine interest in what we do, send us an email.

You can also read more on our Students & Scholarships page.