Our Team

Ben Hollis


Ben has over 20 years experience, both leading and nurturing companies that develop and commercialise optimisation based information systems. He has worked with some of the largest companies in Australia and around the world.

Jonathon White


Jonathon has over fifteen years experience developing and commercialising optimisation and simulation modelling software.

Steven Donaldson


Steven has over eleven years experience as a consultant, mathematician and software architect. He has worked across a wide range of industries, as well as having studied in Australia and the UK.

Daniel Clarke


Daniel has ten years experience as a client facing software developer, six developing and deploying optimisation systems. He gets a kick out of solving complex problems and has a keen interest in delivering high quality, easy to use products.

Jackson Richards


Jackson brings a broad range of consulting and technical expertise to Polymathian from a career spanning multiple industries. Jackson has solved problems in oil and gas, finance, mining, rail, shipping and power generation for over 9 years. There are also steam generators and heat exchangers operating across Australia of his design.

Mitchell Grice


Mitchell has over six years experience developing websites, mobile apps, and software tools for use in industry and education, having previously worked for small startups through to government. He’s passionate about product design, corporate strategy, and dogs.

Tao Vink


Tao has spent over 10 years consulting on, designing and delivering decision support tools for the mining, transport and logistics industries. By utilising his unique expertise in optimisation, discrete event simulation and advanced analytics, projects he has been involved in have resulted in over $1 billion in additional revenue to clients.

Henry Chladil

Senior Software Developer

Kicking off his career in the live music and ticketing arena as an event manager turned programmer / consultant, Henry has also worked previously around RFID/NFC & education. A life long lover of music, soccer and pub trivia.
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Kieran Wynn

Senior Software Developer

Kieran has over seven years of experience in professional software engineering, software systems and automation technology. He is passionate about working closely with people to deliver intelligent solutions to their problems, exceeding expectations, and always looking to embrace innovative ideas.

Paul Foo

Senior Software Developer

Paul is a software engineer / consultant with 3 years of experience at Polymathian. Paul has previously worked in the mining industry as a mechanical engineer and the defence science technology organisation as a software engineer.

Tony Cox

Senior Software Developer

Tony has 5 years experience consulting upon, modelling and developing optimisation systems, and 8 years experience in software development as a whole. He has applied these skills in the mining, shipping, rail, engineering and energy industries.

Alistair English

Software Developer

Alistair is an undergraduate Mechatronics / Computer Science student at QUT. He has a wide range of experience in robotics and software development, including competing in (and winning!) state, national and international robotics competitions.

Amy Chan

Software Developer

Amy is a scientist-turned-statistician who enjoys applying her analytical skills to different domains. She's previously worked on analysis of aerial imagery for agricultural research, and brain MRI segmentation (on which she has submitted a PhD thesis). She loves board games, hiking, and climbing.

Andre de San Miguel

Software Developer

Andre is an avid problem solver who enjoys building apps and developing solutions for complex problems. He has four degrees, the most recent of which is a Masters of Information Technology from the University of Queensland. On the weekend you'll find him hiking, climbing or canyoning.

Callum Thomas

Software Developer

Callum is a current undergraduate Mathematics student at the University of Queensland with a passion for transforming data into usable solutions.

Kevin Hwa

Software Developer

Kevin is an Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate from the University of Queensland. Having experience in designing electrical circuits, electronics and embedded systems. Kevin has a passion for data analysis and machine learning, which he has completed a thesis on predicting sporting outcomes.

Lewis Bobbermen

Software Developer

Having started programming 9 years ago, Lewis has a broad range of programming skills, and is able to learn new ones quickly. He is currently doing a thesis on augmented reality and tangible blocks to teach foreign languages at UQ.

Richard Phillis

Software Developer

Richard is a devops engineer with over 15 years of experience in designing, building, operating, and automating systems and network Infrastructure. He has applied and developed his skills while working for several Internet Service Providers and software companies.

Robert Hartley

Software Developer

Robert is a recent mathematics and information computer science graduate. Robert’s interests include statistics and software development. In particular, he is passionate about leveraging data by surfacing decision making tools in lean, usable software.